The case in question is your noodle. The noodle, as the case is here, is your head. Inside of that is that great brain you have been using all this time to conquer all your vilest demons on your favorite Xbox One games. The question for you today is; are you taking good care of your weapons. If you do not know the answer to this easy question, shudder the thought. One of the consequences here is that your console and its ports and cords and games are likely to get damaged over time.

Like all sensitive devices, these need to be protected. It does not matter whether you intend taking your Xbox console out with you or not, handy bag advice suggests that you get yourself a neat Xbox One carrying bag. Whether you go out with it or not is beside the point, it will still be looking after your gadgets. Look out for the following things in your new Xbox One bag to ensure that your console and all its appurtenances are not ruined.

The bag, it goes without saying, is apt for those traveling occasions, whether you are off to your first Xbox convention or just visiting pals next door. It protects your assortment of Xbox gadgetry from scratches for one thing. And another thing, it might just rain, especially if you are traveling cross country, say now, to Seattle. Even if you were heading off to Dubai, imagine all the dust and sand. Just on your desk, if the console is left overnight uncovered, dust will still settle.

Xbox One carrying bag

You put your good case to good use after you have made good use of the famous noodle and gone off to purchase it.